Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Commentary On the Sales & Marketing Divide

Ha! After my posts and Geoffrey James over at Sales Machine, seems that there is quite some discussion about the sales and marketing divide. Steve Martin over at SalesMotivation.Net has started up there.

Steve has some great comments. In particular I like this: The goal of Heavy Hitters (extremely successful salespeople) is to find out the truth about winning an account as early as possible.

Great sales people take risks. They seek the bully with the juice...

Jason Wenn


Geoffrey said...

Steve is a "wicked smart" guy (as we say up here in New Hampshire. I just interviewed him for SellingPower and he's got some first class ideas about the importance of what might be called "soft" skills. I don't know if he agrees with my take on marketing, but his opinion is definitely one worth listening to.

Jason Wenn said...

Yeah, I've been impressed with some of his ideas. Its as close to original thought in this space as I've seen. Enjoy your day.