Monday, April 30, 2007

Bold Advocates - The Story of Dr Jekyll

Why is that every time we face the worst that life can throw at us, there's always someone there to say Well, at least it's something you can learn from...
I've managed, trained and worked with hundreds of different sales people. But it took one and only one to teach me a fundamental truth about great sales people.

Let's call him Patrick (a fictitous name - the reason for which you'll find out shortly).
Patrick was (and is) quite possibly the most amazing salesman I've come across.

He had a great belief in himself and his abilities. No arrogance, just conviction.

Patrick had a great instinct for a deal and was tenacious in his pursuit. But more than anything it was what he asked his prospects that set him apart. Patrick would ask the HARD questions. Questions that helped him qualify the prospect - questions that made the prospect think - questions that made the prospect change...
He had some balls, did Patrick. In some meetings he'd be brutally frank about the prospect's business, needs - even ideas. He'd call it as he saw it.
And everytime he got that bit close to winning.

As his manager I wished I could "bottle" his methods. If only I could get the rest of my team asking the same hard questions.

But to Patrick there was an ugly side. Very Ugly.

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